Welcome beautiful friends, followers, fellow art lovers and storytellers…I’m honored to share my little creative corner of this world with you.

A little bit about me

Your Artist

I am a full time mother, wife and artist among many other things. Creating is my passion and my outlet. I pour my heart and soul into painting. The creative process is deeply personal and can be inspired by all sorts of things that have touched my heart in a small or big way. 

Upcoming ‘Field Notes’ solo exhibit with the Cornerstore Gallery

How does exploring a new place make you feel? Do you find yourself taking note of the differences in landscape, mentally jotting down the colours and shapes ? 

Recently I’ve been luckily enough to experience some travel and found myself taking note of these changes unable to quiet my mind until I’ve been able to bring those new colours + compositions onto canvas. 

‘Field Notes’ celebrates finding beauty in the things that surround us…whether that be the new colours with the changing of seasons or taking note of the beautiful shapes in the little flowers from our very own backyards.

Paintings from this exhibit will go live 8pm Tuesday October 10th through the cornerstore gallery website.